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G-FAST 広州豊中铝合金有限公司
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We investigate production efficiency, to correspond of all kinds of regulation and furthermore, we emphasize that to see the matter of quality control.

Until 20 tons of Aluminum can melt , hold and refine . Then, during the process, ?prepare ingredient.

G-FASTDust Collector
We accommodate all kinds of regulation for equipment of environment. And also in the factory, contribute improvement of environment.

G-FASTMelt Aluminum Shavings
It corresponds to petty order or special alloy aluminum.

G-FASTInspection Device
We analysis metal which diverse by using the optical emission.
Also, detect the element particles and execute quality control highly.

G-FASTInclusion Analyzer
Measure the dross which exist in the aluminum and evaluate the purification level.

Category Name Quantity
Melting Melting furnace(20ton) 2
Holding furnace(20ton) 1
Melting pot(1ton) 2
Pre-processing Tip dryer 1
Pos-tprocessing Device that squeezes dross 1
Inspect Optical emission spectrometer 1
Electronic gravimeter 1
Device judges the dross 1
Environmental measures Dust collector 3
Other Forklift truck 4
Device that keeps ladle warm 3
气体精炼机 (GBF) 2



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